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“I want to give my children everything that I didn’t have when I was a kid?” Have you ever heard someone say this? Have you ever said it yourself? Every time I hear that statement I wonder two things,
a) what exactly does it mean? and b) why? As a parent of twenty somethings, I see a lot in them, their friends, and their generation in general, that suggests that we parents may be giving them entirely too much.

Source: The Microwave Generation: What Are We Doing to Our Children? | BlogHer

We try to teach our children not to seek for instant results or instant gratification, but they have friends and others they associate with that bleed this into their desire “to have it now”.

When our children work for something or buy items with their own money, they respect and take care of it better and understand more about where things come from and more on their way to how to live.

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Microwave Generation

Describing our fascination with instant gratification. Cell phones, txt/sms messages, and email.
As members of the microwave generation we have become so impatient, we find ourselves standing in front of the microwave tapping our foot yelling “Come on 15 seconds!”

Source: Urban Dictionary: Microwave Generation

This is the term I have used to describe my Children’s attitude and others around their age.